The best part of the Gums of Steel Online Training System is that it is so simple and easy to understand. The challenge is to change the mindset in your office about the life and death consequences of what goes on in your hygiene department.  ~ Dr. Chris Kammer, DDS

Double Your Hygiene Production!

The Gums of Steel Program will teach you and your team:

  • How to develop a perio/systemic program
  • How to create a total wellness practice
  • How to connect with the medical community
  • How to educate patients and staff
  • How to increase productivity ($$!) by adding these new services
  • How to market effectively

ONE THIRD of patients in the average dental practic have moderate to severe gum disease that goes undiagnosed and untreated.

That used to be my practice and it’s likely yours now! Once your team begins the Gums of Steel Online Training series, I guarantee they will all agree that the dental profession needs to attack gum disease with every possible weapon. AND I WILL ARM THEM!!!

Dealing with too many bloody prophies?

Convert those bloody prophies into perio therapy patients. Gums of Steel offices have the highest conversion rates in the country. You will double your investment with your very first Gums of Steel Hygiene Transformation converted patient! You may save that patient’s life and begin to work with MD’s that appreciate you!

  • Online Training
  • $995
    per year
  • Instant access to all 5 modules
  • 5 on-demand training sessions
  • 47 marketing, sales & training documents
  • 1 year full online access
  • Live Seminar
  • $995
    per Dentist
  • Additional team members including dentists and hygienists are only $250
  • Includes 1 year full access to Gums of Steel online training (valued at $995)
  • Mingle with peers at other GOS offices
  • Ask questions!
  • Private In Office Training
    custom pricing
  • The GOLD standard for learning
  • Includes 1 year full access to online training
  • Get your entire staff trained at once
  • 1 year full online access


How is Gums of Steel different than other hygiene protocols?

Gums of Steel analyzes a patients bacterial loads, in conjunction with other systemic markers, to address the exact treatment needed to control periodontal disease. While most hygiene protocols address dental producers and treatments, Gums of Steel dives in the oral systemic connection to treat the whole body!

Is Gums of Steel right for my practice?

Whether you’re new to the oral systemic connection or have been treating whole body health for years, Gums of Steel will introduce a variety of in-office and at-home protocols that will have your production humming within days!

How do I take this even further?

With our live Systemic Health Success Summits, you can hear the latest and greatest information from the brightest minds in oral systemics. To go even further, we’d insist upon joining AAOSH, the premier oral systemic knowledge base in the country. Founder by GOS CEO Dr. Chris Kammer, AAOSH provides an even more extensive network of dental and medical professionals, all aimed to address systemic illness.

Why does my office need gums of steel?

The goal of Gums of Steel is to address systemic illness caused by periodontal disease. With 80% of hygiene patients nationwide having some form of periodontal disease, couldn’t you use to step up your treatment process? In helping save patient lives, you’ll also increase your bottom line with more advanced and more frequent patient visits.

What kind of support is included?

Support includes a 60-day team followup, plus peer-to-peer support (as well as Dr. Kammer support) through our private members-only online forums.  You’ll also be the first to receive new content as it is published!

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