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    **To keep this a positive, encouraging environment ALL posts and comments should be beneficial to those promoting Gums of Steel within their practice.**
    -No negativity
    -No self promotion
    -No videos, promotional links, polls

    -Do encourage
    -Do solve problems
    -Do point people to resource pages
    -Do share and celebrate your successes
    -Do be cool!

    If a post is deleted by an admin, you may not post it again. Admins have the right to delete posts, comments, or members at our discretion.

    There will be more beginners in our forum every day. Please be courteous and keep that in mind. Try not to confuse them with too much or too complicated of information.

    You can share frustrations, as long as it’s constructive in nature.

    Keep being the awesome, helpful people that you all are!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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